Copywriting and Adaption from English into German

Veröffentlicht: 27. November 2012 in Adaptieren
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Dear Reader,

Are you exporting products or services to Germany, Switzerland, Austria?

As you know, the existing national ad copy-strategies cannot communicate the sales  messages to the target audience in other countries.

Each country is unique,  whether marketing strategists like it or not. For instance, something that´s knee-slappingly funny in America, often falls flat in England, not  to mention Germany, Switzerland, Austria, etc.

To translate national ads in linguistic correct  foreign language only, doesn´t satisfy for this purpose.  A Chinese ad cannot  change in a German ad just  by replacing one word by another. Language is instead there „how“ something is said, but your clients are interested in „what“ is said – and that is a question of the cultures.

To get the message,  the source text of the ad copy has to be translated into proper German with the target group in mind and than adapted into the right cultural context according to the customs of the respective audience.

Nearer to pure copywriting than mere translation, adaption converts an existing text from one language into a culturally appropriate text in another language, while remaining faithful to the original content.

I´m a native German speaker, specializes in German copywriting as well as adaptions and translations of ad copy / slogans from English into German. For advertising, public relations, internet, TV / radio / print-  and related media old and new, to name but a few.

So, how may I help you ?

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